The Baker

Bushel + Crumb was founded by two friends, Simca Horwitz and Lauren Whetherbee. The two spent many happy years honing their pie-making craft. Over the years they met many farmers growing unique fruits, vegetables, grains (yes, even grains!), and dairy right here in Massachusetts. The pie share is an exciting way to share these ingredients with you, baked into creative and boldly flavored pies.  Lauren has moved on to other food adventures (like her maple syrup operation, Sap Castle).

Simca has always loved pie.  It is the first thing she can remember baking on her own as a child.  Since those early forays into home baking, she’s gained experience in many aspects of the food world from the field to the plate.  She was one of the early farm staff at Brookwood Community Farm in Massachusetts and farmed in Northern California. She has worked as a caterer, a food business development specialist, and a baker at Boston’s Canto 6 Bakery, specializing in French inspired pastries and sweets.  In her day job she helps bring more healthy, locally grown foods into school meals as Co-Director of Massachusetts Farm to School. In the process, she meets farmers from across the state growing some truly unique foods.

Favorite sweet pie: Sour cherry

Favorite savory pie: Roasted tomato and corn